Perspectives on the BC Approach

 A Testimonial from BC Hydro
"The Conservation Community of Practice, supported by BC Hydro, but in existence because of its members, was created to bring together like minded conservation champions across BC to collaborate and share best practices on community based conservation initiatives. Created in 2009, organizations such as the Partnership for Water Sustainability have participated in discussions on how to engage communities and municipalities in order to increase education and achieve action. Inspired by members’ innovation and passion to create change, the Conservation Community of Practice features a member organization and/or story to share with others monthly. This past month (February 2012), we were pleased to feature the great work of the Partnership for Water Sustainability."

Pia Nagpal
Program Manager, Community Planning
BC Hydro
Burnaby, British Columbia
February 2012

A View from Minnesota

"I’m very impressed with how actively you are pushing Water Sustainability BC. It’s great to see this proactive approach. I really like the “no nonsense, lets get this problem solved attitude”. It’s very refreshing. So often I hear a “nobody understands & appreciates us whining”. I’m going to point you out to my University of Minnesota graduate students (Civil, Architects, LAs) as an example of the way to tackle this SW problem.

"Great stuff, keep up the good work."

Peter McDonagh, Director of Design and Science
Kestrel Design Group
Minneapolis, Minnesota
March 2011

To read an article about a visit to British Columbia by Peter MacDonagh, click on Getting to Green 2020: Soil - The Foundation for Green Infrastructure

A View from Washington State

"You do a great job of connecting dots! These dots happen to be glowing red and close together (and thus easy to connect), but you have demonstrated the ability to bring folk together that ordinarily don’t want to see dots connected.  Keep up the good work." 

Tom Holz
Director, People for Puget Sound
Olympia, Washington State
August 2008